Supernatural Selling
The Business Secret To Multiply YOUR "Loaves And Fishes" And Never Experience Lack Again!
How An Ancient Blueprint In The Bible Reveals How Anyone Can Multiply 
Their Provision Even If They Have Little Faith or Biblical Knowledge! 
If you're in sales or have your own business, you can't afford to ignore the blueprint. I've used the secrets it contains to produce 10, 30, 60 and even 100 fold returns for myself and my students.

Watch this short video for a brief explanation to learn how you can too! 

Here's Just A Taste Of What You'll Get...

  • How to avoid the huge mistake I call the "Marty Syndrome" that substitutes virtue for results, when in fact they're not supposed to me mutually exclusive (page 47)
  • ​The actual blueprint description that housed the most important historical artifact in human history and the three distinct levels that determine your success. (page 61)
  • Reclaiming the inner genius God planted in you but has been buried by lies you were told and believed. (page 68) 
  • How that blueprint models the perfect sales process for bringing prospects incrementally along the sales continuum. It's called the E.A.S.Y. Close Sales Process. No pressure required! (page 85)
  • ​The 5 character choices that determine your boundaries. If you want to expand your boundaries, be sure to read this! (page 71)
  • ​The 3 success habits to help you "turn pro" found in Level 1 of the Moses Blueprint (page 79)
  • ​What the 7 Spirits of God (Isaiah 11:2) teach us about how to effectively create compelling and convincing interest in the mind and heart of even the coldest of prospects. (page 85)
  • ​Why facts without desire have little impact, and how the mystery of the 12 tribes represented by 12 loaves of bread reveals 12 strategies for awakening a strong desire for your offer. (page 105)
  • ​​The 4 essential components for providing unshakeable justification for your offer, to bring the heart to wisdom (Psalm 90) as revealed in the "mystery of the incense" inside Level 2. (page 117)
  • ​How to experience Level 3 results (realm of the supernatural and "100-fold" increase). How to combine faith and grace for results that defy natural explanation. (page 121)
  • ​High Probability Selling adapted from the Parable of the Sower. How to get 84% of the desired result with just 17% of the effort! (page 139)
  • ​How to neutralize 7 major conflicts you may encounter from hostile prospects or customers, so you can win the battle for their heart. (page 152)
  • ​Learn ​7 ways to awaken the highest form of human motivation when it comes to business (trust) as modeled by Jesus and summed up by the Apostle Paul. (page 161)
  • ​How the Moses Questioning Strategy will help you close way more sales by simply asking more of the RIGHT KIND OF QUESTIONS. (page 171)
  • ​​7 Ways to COMMUNICATE WITH IMPACT as modeled by Jesus that will help you make your message stick! (page 181)
  • ​How to maximize your negotiating profits without taking advantage of others. 31 strategies for win / win negotiations modeled by the Apostle Paul that changed history! (page 197)
  • ​​Life without limits! How what you believe about everything, profoundly affects the boundaries or limits you set for yourself and the success you'll enjoy for the rest of your life. (page 207)

A Lot Of People Love The Biblical Approach But Have One Big Question...


Over the years, I've trained and coached anything from Fortune 100 companies like Sysco Foods and Lucent Technologies to struggling startups.  

What I found is that the big companies are typically looking for an incremental boost in their revenues, but the smaller companies, (including startups), are either struggling to survive and need a lifeline or they have their eyes set on rapid growth.

Watch this short video below from a serial entrepreneur to hear how what's inside the book you're about to be offered, helped him take one insolvent company to $30 million in sales with a $6 million profit in just 12 months!

Oh yeah, and how another one of his struggling companies became the fastest growing real estate brokerage in the history of the INC 5000! 

Watch It Now...

Supernatural Selling Will Show You How To...

  • ​Work less, while earning more. No more eating the bread of anxious toil... (Psalm 127:2 ESV)
  • ​Have high confidence in even the most challenging sales situations (because you'll be operating on a totally different level than your nearest competitor.)
  • ​Practically apply mercy and truth in your business dealings and instead of it being costly to your business, you can BECOME HIGHLY FAVORED in your market.
  • Help a lot more people get what they truly need and genuinely want - so you can have what you need and want for you and your family.
  • ​​Overcome call reluctance because you no longer feel unprepared or vulnerable on a sales call, even if you're walking in stone cold!
  • ​Get on the path of true success where you walk close to God, and enjoy a quality of life that provides well for your family and gives generously to every good work... (2 Corinthians 9:8)
  • ​Become a respected, top sales performer so you can have a platform of credibility to share your faith and be taken seriously. (After hitting the top, I was able to lead most of my team to Christ!)
  • ​​Become the recognized authority for your product or service type even if sales is not your thing!
  • ​​Earn more money in less time by identifying and working your truly qualified, high pay-off opportunities.
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